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Deadly Slander

Here I am alone and crying
I wonder what was my fault
I close my eyes and see just darkness
On my knees I crawl

I am dreaming, that's my wish
This will end when I awake
None can help, me, I am lost
Just the flames are my faith

If there's a god, why am I here?
'cause I am not to blame
If there's a god, I'd beg for mercy
Release me from this pain

There's no god, don't waste your time praying to him
The one who left you to die,
The one who punished you and left you alone

Do not cry, tears won't help you survive
Your strength comes up from your pain
You see the walls of your cell before you die

Deadly slander now it's time to die
It is not fair but it's what your god wants
You're innocent, we bet on it
This divine justice damned you forever

I raise my hands in vain to the sky
To see the last sun ray just before I die
I'll curse the ones who left me forlorn
Only for envy, I now have to burn

This is my last prayer, please god hear my words
My soul is pure, there's no sin in me
If I have to die, I shall do it for you
But please, just let me know why?

My rage will be eternal
I'll return to take revenge
Your lies will be condemned
And my soul will never rest

You'll suffer one by one
And your eyes will never forget
My body burning and dying
The curse has just begun

And in the nights I'll come for you all
To see your eyes of fear crying in vain
When the wolves howl at the moon
I'll judge and punish- you guilty die!!!

Deadly slander