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Bloodbath (SWE)
I'm infested with the ligaments of devilry
In conspiracy with each and all the elements
Jaws of the abyss devour my mind
From root to branch, my spine entrenched
White is the noise that reverse my voice
Winds of plague desaturate my sight

An apparition from the underworld
His infernal majesty bestowed
Harnessed collision of the earth and sky
Turn loose the undead horde

Like an ever tumbling maelstrom
From the void in the night - sky periphery
Written in the oath of the apocalypse
Transmitting trails of emptiness

Dawn of the dead
Dawn of the dead
Day of the deader
Dawn of the dead
Day of the deader

Crumbling pillars of a divine creation
Shattered in debris of ashes feathery
With skills acquired from beyond this plane
Black holes used as occult armory
Gyroscopic is the shadow within the devil's rotary
The crooked axis of mankind yields
Earth dethroned by the usurper of climate. time and gravity

I'm possessed
In the delta of my poisoned veins
Demonifuge, my immunity strains
I'm obsessed
Sinfully I lust for my death
Insanity has leeched my last breath