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Dead Head Kiss

Tortoise Corpse
Welcome you in, Her web of sin
Black widow you'r caught in her trap
Angelic eyes, Form her disguise
From hell there is no turning back

Blinded by lust, Unquestioned trust
She tempts you with sexual thrill
Fear take it's hold, Your blood it runs cold
She sharpens her claws for the kill

Your dream becomes a nightmare
Her kiss seals your fate
Darkness now embraces you
Your life's become a wake

She mutilates your body
With hatchet, axe and saw
Raise up your head aloft
To kiss with death once more

To taste again the darkness
To gorge herself of hate
To feed the hidden fire
The burning deep withing
To touch inside the flesh
The rape of all desire
To feast upon a corpse
Hell's own punishment

Back on the street, Hungry for meat
She tempts them beneath a red light
Not long to wait, One takes the bait
His future is sealed now this night

To be alone, He walks her home
Her promises run through his head
Passionate kiss, Hell's dark abyss
There's no return for the dead