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Dead + Forgotten

gone , gone is the soul
gone, gone is the spirithey!
god dwells in the bones
it dwells in the flesh
courses through veins
and through the crimson i see
i look behind at once was and forward to when im gone
with help by the blade
life drains out
my life was just self inflicted
punishment dipping my fingers in the stained tibor we live only to die
gone gone is the life
gone gone is the soul
gone gone is the light
gone gone is the spirit
end end all hopes
end end all sadness
end end all despair
end end all suffering
i drank from the srping of life to find it tainted with piss tears and blood betrayed from sorrow through the darkness that they fear for the kowledge that was life has drowned in its own insignigicance god has succomb broken the shackles left to dissovle a moments courage and its done as i somberly watch the blood empty out on walls i write the story of what should never have been