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Brown, Arthur
Won't you dance with us for just a moment, come on
Dance with us around the spinning floor
We can have such very good times together
Now we'll be forever more

I really do believe there's something in your eyes
That makes me want to give away my parasol
I will reach up and turn on this sun at night
With your love to guide me to my door

Ah let your body's go inside the music
Body's like to feel there alive
Now you've found him now's the times to lose it
Flowing, glowing, growing all the time

I've gotta resist what we could be
Make love to the earth and sky
Let go and fill the fire of electricity
From your touch to the blazing in your eyes

Oh, come on, honey, no time to waste
There's something we both got to taste
Life's a game and you can see
The rules were made for you and me
We've got to make our very own way so
Only one thing I want to say, just
Feel the sun the moon the stars above
And wonder through the jungle of love
You see the crocodile crawling around
Hear the [?] singing its song
He see the leopard that's slow and smooth
Bold and damp [?]
A black hawk down on the floor
Eyes of night [?]
A need to feel oh so good
As you feel the rhythm mounting in your blood
And you hear the song of a open heart
And it makes you really wants to start
To dance, dance
(Oh baby, do you want to dance)
Oh come on dance
(Oh baby, do you want to dance)
(Oh baby, do you want to dance)
(Oh baby, do you want to dance)
And nothing in the world I wanna rather do
(Oh baby, do you want to dance)