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We cannot fight this war,
Morgoth is lord of all
His darkness conquers all
And his blade is sharp and strong
We hide underground,
Like dwarves eternally bound
To delve into the deep
No rule without his crown

Who is this man?
What power does he have?
No blood ties to this land
Just a ‘gift’ that ensures his end
No help from Thingol’s glade
The Sindar will bring no aid
Just claims that they were betrayed
But no kin have been slain

Hear now, the words of Fëanor
‘Brood of Morgoth or bright Vala
Elda, Maia or Aftercomer
Be he fair friend or unclean foe
Dread nor danger nor Doom itself
Shall save a man or elf
Who keepeth a Silmaril
Death will deal him a fate most ill’

Do not fear his darkened world
The mighty jewels will be ours by the fold
Our oath cannot be restrained
Morgoth will fall by Noldorin blade