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Crystal Talon

Midnight Force

Band/Artist: Midnight Force

Album: Dunsinane

Echoing from the mountain slopes
His shadow looming large,
Darkening the sun,
The Keeper has come,
Your final moments have begun.

Feathers cutting through the air,
The mighty eagle gold and fair,
With rapid speed he comes at you,
Like a lightning bolt he flew
He’s the hunter you’re the prey,
Death awaits, you turn to clay,
Traitors and liars are his aim,
He’s here, his share to claim

Beware the Crystal Talon!
Beware the Scythe of steel!
Guardian of the Valley,
Guardian of the Kings

He’s the lion of the winds,
The tiger lurking in the mists,
No shadow will escape his eye,
It’s too late when you hear his cry
His shade shows on the crimson sky,
From the rocks echoes your last sigh
The setting sun illuminates,
Broken bones and shattered dreams

Mighty raptor spread your wings!