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Depravity (AUS)
Hellstorms incoming
Eagerly the flames are swelling
Devouring ruthlessly
A messenger dealt by death!
With all senses suffering
Feel the wrath of disaster
Battle blazes tirelessly
Thwarting the tyrant inferno

Season of sweltering death
Agonized by barbaric natures wrath
Incinerator, a fiery fist
Desolator of Earthly design

The time has come, to jump in your grave
Self sacrifice the only way out
Overcome with anguish and pain
Quiver at the coming of the Crucifire!

The end has come for you all!
Pulverized by proud chaos and certain death, almighty king!
Agony incoming, all life must die, global suicide
Hurl the cherished world, into the fire!

Ignite the fires of hatred
An inferno to end them all!

Storm of the horned lord
Ramified Resurrection
The roar of immortal might batters bestial strongholds
The eyes of the inferno paralyze the pettiest empires
A morbid storm none shall survive, except for the Crucifire!

Crucifire, conflagration's reign
A infernal spree of slaughter, all that remains
Triumph taken through torture
A seasonal upheaval
Hell on Earth!