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Cross Crusher


Band/Artist: Helcaraxe

Album: Children Of Ygg

Behold the darkness
The mouth of ignorance
Spewing forth from the priest
Upon the pulpit

Believing every word
The drone of mass-hypnosis
The money flows
From the poor into the coffers

Insanity on high for all to see
You must smash the cross
Destroy your adversary
Now take command
Of your own mind
Until Jesus Christ
Is lost to the sands of time

These men of lies
Against the flock conspire
Lambs led to the slaughter
To be killed by the Holy Father

This wolf wears a white gown
Bejeweled, revered, and crowned
And sits upon a throne of shit

If you leave the church
You’re branded evil
You want to see evil?
Take a look in the fucking mirror

We’ll never give in
We’ll never back down
Until your holy book
Is in the trash on the ground

Crush the cross!

Reject the kingdom of God
Be strong and stand on your own