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Crimson Mourn

Eastern Front

Band/Artist: Eastern Front

Album: EmpirE

Cold light becoming a new day, ready the factions, steady the flow
God's hands dressed in black, stretching outwards to eradicate them all

Cries flow 'til sunset, feral crimson mourn

Preparing the slaughter, passing over the reigns, the ring of aggression, a circle of of death
Ending the honour, ending the light, fearing nothing but eternal regret

Blood flows 'til sunset, witness crimson mourn
Blood flows 'til sunset, on the fallen, night falls

Whispering innocence floods the forest floor
Foundations of murder reaching outwards for blood
Silent compassion stands rigid, supine, alone
Atrocities witness, 'so very hard to bear'
Trembling fingers pray for the cease
Knowing, so final, none shall ever leave alive

Lambs to the slaughter, wealth of untruth
mists fill the grave fields
Crisp dew clings to frightened limbs
Ineffable wailing, murder abaft, grasping for comfort
Four or five times before they died

Child's eyes so full of fear, their hearts cry out in vain
Crimson tears fall deeper, the new earth welcomes the dead