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Creature of Habit

Hidden Intent
I wanna see you
On the inside
In the blood and flesh
The side you hide

You put on your game face
But I see straight through you
Only behind a closed door
You break the law

I know what you’ve done
I know what you’ve become
Soon you will be caught
And locked away for good

Your actions
The lives you’ve ruined
Yet no one knows but me

You’re a Creature of habit
And your time is running out
You think your life is endless
But I know the real you

They’re at your door now
Waiting upon their call
To catch you in the action
You better run

(Solo – Bennett)

Fight, Hide, Run
Thats all you know
Fight, Hide, Run
Thats all you need

Your life comes to an end
Everyone knows the pain
The suffering you’ve caused
You’re locked up for good

(Solo – Bennett)

Have a nice life