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Hadal Maw

Band/Artist: Hadal Maw

Album: Senium

Dark forms carry us away
Aloft with fathomless power
To where light of day disgusts
To lands of haze and gloom

From our wretched beginnings
Our path was deemed in ruin
Thy menacing traditions hath devolved
All structural order omitted
Carved from the passages of time

We now descend
To depart from thyself
Following corridors countless beyond

Burning eyes witness our withering will
Unto thee, you are thy deathly mimic
Slithering, crawling waste

Enter this portal I have created
Follow thy carnal ways
Examine the flesh upon which you walk
Paved in tongues of slaves

Whore of days
You will outlive us all
Unforgiving mother of woe
Abandoned by reason

Mass disorder rules the expanse
Bloated corpses paint the stricken wasteland
As this engulfs thee
As minds retort in collapse
We see our apocryphal trophies rot