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Contract Out On Cupid

Andre Nickatina
Man I'm a king in my own rhyme
So you can picture what I am
In my own mind
And baby set your ears up for a cold line
And I ain't neva liked your ass bitch
The whole time
I like to take trips, buy clothes, yo
Get cars and stuff
My little RX7
I burned out the clutch
I gotta contract out on cupid
He runnin for his life cause he seen how I do it
Mix rap love with the bullets
Get ya blown away
On Valentine's with Jennifer Holiday
It's high fashion baby to the nines
Prayin' to the maker yo
While livin' in the rhyme
'Fore I leave the house I like to get my shoes shined
Then movin' the ride with interior design
I do it like (?)
Spend money like a Leo
A Pisces vertigo
Life like a Scorpio
And ya know that the flow I
Is straight for the dough
I need the dough
To get the freakin' from the rhyme
I get you freakin everytime
From the flow
Then playa pimp my playa pimpin' pimps like a pro
A supa dupa Coca Motorola G-I Joe

Man I've been fightin' my addictions with thangs
That make me addicted
Man welcome to the rap world
Baby girl it's twisted
Man treat a situation like a rental
Thank God I got insurance
We can trick it detrimental
Like jail sleep time I get down
Man welcome just in time so I could rock another town
Bought some new rangs
Sold all my chains
My lady put my hair in a bun when it rains
Is what the homies say
They gotta get it quick an sell it
Make their money stay
Fly by night
Fly harder in the day
Like Cheryl Miller's brother
Man they shoot long range
Put me in the game
I'll show you how to spend a grip
And though I like the number 7
I can roll a 6
I like to watch pancakes when they 'bout to flip
And with that syrup waitin' on em at a quarter to 6
And it's Nicky in em Jordan number nines
Walkin' outta Popeye's eatin on fries
My homie said "Reno"
I said "I'll drive"
Some think I'm Indian
I say "What tribe? "
If I was a judge I would take all bribes NO LIE