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Consumed By Elder Sign

On twisting paths lofty, forgotten and out of time, we wander upon the edges
Looking for a sign, a token of the Elder Gods; for a five limbed branch against doom
And Hearken now, we have found it, though we have passed out of mortal thought
We no longer dream for we cannot sleep and slowly are our minds devoured. We shall end soon

A shadow covers our sight and with the sores on our bodies we are pitiful wretches
By the reckoning of human limitation we should already have succumbed as we drool
We shuffle forward and we curse all the Gods we can bring to mind and those we cannot
And on these windswept heights we laugh like devils and hyenas and like dogs onward crawl

That which was our hope has become our undoing as it whispers at us its horror
For those it was meant to hold back are slowly, inexorably, crawling outwards and inwards
Through long years uncounted have their prisons weakened as time draws out like a blade
One of us carries the sign and the others him for he weighs less now than any man should

Counting the days we are by cutting off the ends of our fingers, which have turned black
The first of us is consumed in a screaming inferno as a light goes out inside his head
He is left by the wayside amongst bracken and moss for we are too weak to build cairn
We won't outlast him long as another light starts to burn out and our veins fill with lead

As ours wanes its own light starts to burn ever brighter and we lay it down on the path
It gibbers and moans and in a foul parody of life rights itself and stands on five naked limbs
Shambling forward it speaks with the echoes of the Elder Gods in eldritch tongue
As the light leaves our eyes we see it glowing and then no more: We're consumed by Elder Sign