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From a world that is torn
a new breed is born
into battle they fly
the knights of the sky

The search for glory
the eternal praise
claim in history
their promised place

To blaze through the air
and share the eagles eye

up high in the clouds
the clouds
the clouds

Committed to attack
they fly in full speed
to cripple and disable
the enemy’s defeat

Fight on and fly on
to the last drop of blood
the last drop of fuel
the last beat of the heart

To roll and glide
master of thunderhead and sky

up high in the clouds
the Clouds
the Clouds

He breaks from this fight
and climbs out of sight
above the clouds a peaceful glide

Far from the roar
of the battlefield below
the trenches filled with our death

Recalls all
that is dear to him
in this clear blue day death holds no fear


The enemy’s at six
line of fire’s fixed
guns rattle
his world shatters

The bullets rip
through his plane
he’s losing grip
in a deadly spin

His wings are burning
the engine is stalling
twisting and turning
his fortune’s failing

Trapped in this coffin
of canvas of wood
the reaper comes
to claim his first blood

His spirit now
leaves the earth
with its trouble and flies

up high in the clouds
the Clouds
the Clouds