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Clear Light Of The Void

Mountains Crave
Child of noble family the time has come for you to seek the path
Thy breathing is about to cease. Thy guru hath set thee face to face with the Clear Light;

Earth sinks into water
Water Sinks into fire
Fire sinks into the air
Body fades into ether

Putrefying sun is dawning
Let me hear not of my kin
Their laments and tears of mourning
Aching in my spectral limbs

Remains shrouded and cremated
But wrathful deities Affright
Woe and awe unsublimated
Solemn words sagely insight

May she of white raiment
Protect me through this plight
white stones be my payment
Deliver me unto the clear light

Let the roaring not Affright thee
Echoes of thine intellect
Smoky lights shall not invite thee
Fear not they of grim aspect

Face chrysanthemum mandala
Bathed in transcendental sun
Crumbles chains of bleak samsara
Peace with thee beloved one

Cloaked in the grey light
Isolation, lightless plain
Confounded in twilight
Dementing lunar stranes

Accursed with gnawing hunger
Disembodied, wracked with pain
Astral body torn asunder
Inject the clear light into my veins
[though Stygian chasms beset thee
Looming to the left and right
Holy womb again begets thee
Offspring of mother clear light]

Environs of immortality
Unseen Doorways to living geometry

Luminescence of Infinity
Incandescence swallowed in divinity