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Band/Artist: Helcaraxe

Album: Children Of Ygg

As daylight breaks, the new dawn begins
Sun glistens upon the steel forged by your kin
Tribal men fast at war, new lands to be gained
Barbarian hordes fight to the death, no souls remain
Battle on through the night, blood-soaked fertile fields
Slash them with your sword or be slain upon your shield


Through endless forests ride
Land of Darkness and deep night
Under leaden clouds and bleak sky
Death holds them tight
Cimmerian calls pierce the air
Sharpened winds blow cold
Within the frozen ground lay
Riddle of steel unfolds

Crom, he laughs upon his mountain tops
Cold and Cruel, in the ground they'll rot
Hunt to survive, and live another day
Barbaric culture, with blood they must pay

Crush the enemy, on knees they will yield
Slaughter the wounded, their fate now sealed
Blood for blood, their own to defend
Spoils of war, lamentations of the women