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Better Oblivion Community Center
To a world we'll not remember
When we're old and tired
We'll be blowing on the ambers of a little fire
We were the tallest person watching in Chesapeake
You put me on the shoulders so I could see

I was all covered in sound
Ear plugs so it wasn't loud
Swallowed up by the crowd
Didn't know what they were singing about
I can't hardly wait
For someone to replace

It was hot in the arena
Good men die like dogs
My hero plays to no one, in a parking lot
Even though there's no one around
He broke a leg and the house came down
A smattering of applause
A sliver moon and a cover song

Oh sweet child of mine
You're always hard for everything, never apologize
Oh sweet child of mine
Now you stand on the corner and hope you get recognized

I was all covered in sound
When you asked me to turn it down
Didn't even think it was loud
Can you hear it now?