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Circle Spectre Haunting
Pre-game! The sacred ritual adhered to by we fiendish rogues
Imbibing toxic shots, their fluids stain our clothes
Boisterous and loutish, we beckon our noble steeds
Our destination in sight at which we'll bleed

Promiscuity and violence
The sordid topics of our night

Barkeep! We pray to ye, fulfill our wish scratch our itch.
Deliver us rounds, and keep us doused, our minds enriched.
Revealing secrets, we'll soon live to regret
Our dark elixir that helps us to forget.

Inebriated and smiling
Our joyous cackles haunt the streets
Salacious our lust to be wasted

"Hails to our friends who hath opened their homes
To we wretched delinquents with tone-frozen bones
What makes them so hospitable, we dread to think
But fuck that, we're in too deep and in your name, we drink!"