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Break The Skies

Silent Descent
He dreams achievements but never aspired to be best
Just make his mark and then he’ll give it a rest
So he’s picking up his game cause’ he knows he’ll find a way
Worry about tomorrow when tomorrow is today

Cause’ he paints the walls with the noise he lives
In spite of everything, it’s just not good enough
Because he paints the walls with the noise he loves
Sorry it’s game over, no just wasn’t good enough. Done.

Come tomorrow we’ll learn to fly
Breaking our space in the skies

Toe to toes with heroes so you’d think that he’s made it
Just made this hunger worse cause’ now he can’t taste it
Cause’ there’s possibility he’s lost in this fiction
It’s not a hobby but a fucking addiction

No this isn’t over until I say that I’m done. We’re singing

Come tomorrow
Learn to fly
Break our space
In the skies

We can feel fly, sends us into the skies