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Black Mass

Vindicator (GBR)

Gather the convent
Of the faithful
Summon the masses
Reverent cult
Legions of hatred
Slaves to contempt
Bring a new order
Seeds of dissent

We invoke the spirits
Of those once venerated

Sever the wicked
Enter the circle
Claim your place ordained
Fervent disciples
Raise the sacred mark
Cleanse thy impure soul

Shun the unbeliever
Castigate the heathen

Raised chalice, candle light
Black flames, nocturnal sight
Ancient fury ignites
Witness our vengeful rite
Old powers, re-unite
True metal, bastard might
Hard rock that's fuckin' right
Join our black mass tonight

Defile the virgin
Conceive new blood
Obey your masters
Brandish the sceptre
Lay down your soul
Altars of madness
Where dead angels lie

Angels lie!