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Black Lace And Roses

Dead Of Night (GBR)
You were lost out in the woods,
When I charmed you, swept you to my land.
Confused and dazed, so you were,
So I offered you a demon's hand.
Spirited from your cruel world,
And I gave you all your heart's desire.
How can you not love me still?
Must I hold you in thrall all your life?

I'll keep you near,
Forever here,
Fall hard, my tears,
For I'll wear,

Black lace and roses (I will wear)
Black lace and roses.

Enchanted by nights at the ball,
We would dance the tainted years away.
You're staring with soulless grey eyes in which
I look for love but see dismay.
What would you say if I told you that I
Yearn to have you love me too?
If I could take back the spell,
And you see me the way I see you?

I don't want to lead you on,
But you don't give me a choice,
Because I poison your mind,
My love is somehow implied.
I don't know why,
I hurt inside.
I wish I could turn back the days,
I wish you would return my gaze.
I ache inside, my love denied,
And so goodbye.

Leave me alone and just go,
Walk away before I change my mind.
And maybe deep down you'll be sad knowing
You'll be leaving me behind?
Broken, alone on the floor,
I lie crushed and wither where I fall.
With only my memories of you,
To remind me I once loved at all.

Such wasted years,
Such lonely days,
Fall hard, my tears,
For I'll wear,