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Betrayal (feat. Crucifix)


Band/Artist: Boondox

Album: Abaddon

[Verse 1 - Boondox:]
The trouble with the curb is the swerve they throw
The means to the end is the hurt to grow
The betrayal from another who's trust ya know
All the emotions kept hid that you don't wanna show
How many times has the sharp pain hit ya?
The knife in your back someone always out to get ya
You turn around just to see familiar faces
Then all of a sudden took the unfamiliar places
I thought I knew ya. We was tight, we was best friends
Concealed things. Sheep's clothing you was dressed in
Held out your hands, blood stains while I bled out
Defying til the end but you won't never get the red out
I always had your back, you always went behind mine
I always had a minute, you could never find time
I'd take a bullet for ya, you could put that in a quote
You'd pull the trigger, call it suicide, and sign the note

[Hook - Crucifix:]
Wastin' time
Pretending that I'm never gonna trust again
Saw your lies
Cost my heart and blood in my ears
I'm Hating life, every single second I'm a true pysch
I'm Hating here...
Cause every breath that you breathe is betrayal

[Verse 2 - Boondox:]
I never shoulda let you get that close to me
And I never shoulda opened up those doors for free
You put the pussy on me like a pair of handcuffs
And then beat me close fisted, bare knuckles, no gloves
You knew my weakness, and my weaknesses was you
We fucked a lot, forget about the sneaky shit you do
Like goin' through my phone, emails
All the accusations
Every other day, another false set of allegations
The constant lies that I knew that you was tellin'
The constant cries, I was buying, you were sellin'
The false wording like I'd be with you forever
The day I stopped ignoring it, put two and two together
And I seen you for the demon, not the angel you portrayed
I shoulda choked you out and put you in a unmarked Grave
Just deep enough to hide your fuckin' lies and betrayal
Like the rest of all the snakes left to rot. Burn in hell


[Verse 3 - Crucifix:]
Like a bullet on a dark night
What's love without a fight
She a devil and her heart so cold
And she never gonna let it go (Let it go)
She got a mind full of sick thoughts
Like I could be the man when she pissed off
Evil things to make the killer skin crawl
But it's betrayal that became the devil's dying fall
A dirty broad with the flaw, just a lustful pain
To see her suffer like the other lovers, that's a game
She cut like a blade, then the vein, with the same, with the pain
Took the blade to the fame
Just to get a motherfucker to put a stain on his name
But it can never be erased from a shame to brains
So pick you pair, pick your pill, pick your poison man
Pick your passion, pick your casket cause it's all the same
The devils daughter, she quenched like water
Got you walkin' to a bear, like a lamb to the slaughter


Every single breath you breath's like lies inside my head