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Beneath A Steel Sky

Circle Spectre Haunting
Beneath a steel sky, this planet is dying
Intelligence destroying, descending, polluting
Gia is fading, a result of binary cruelty
Eden; obliterate

Machine-driven heavens control the endangered populace
Barren landscapes, mutinous Terra
Seven billion sycophants deleted, their lifesvein now depleted
Scraps of humanity cling on to delusional vanity

I, their servant, their slave
Our future they've paved
Benevolence raining down from a steel sky

We children of the digital
The priest recants the scripture
Parishioners bow their heads and genuflect before the servers
A sickly neon glow cemented, dementing the blind

I, their prophet, their saint
Artificially insane
We irradiated children praise their unknown names

Beneath, beneath a steel sky

Digital Gods please save me
Digital Gods erase me
This is the end

(The whole world succumbs to an artificial dystopia
But mere fractions of humanity survive and struggle to thrive
No fate but what we make
Beneath this steel we accept this sentence of a frivolous extinction)