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Bells Palsy


Band/Artist: Conway

Album: Look What I Became

I was really on my, really on my music grind you know what I mean
Chasing this shit and, I was living in Atlanta at the time
I came back up here to promote you know what I mean some shit that I had dropped or whatever
And I was up here for a couple days and I was leaving the club you know, with the homies dropping niggas off and you know niggas just pulled up and you know, just sprayed the back of the truck up
You know what I'm saying, I got hit in the back of the head, in the neck, and in the shoulder whatever
Left my face paralyzed, from the, from the nerve damage
Shit was kinda twisted, this why I look like this now, cuz I can't move the whole right side of my face
And it was hard to talk, you know what I mean, do anything as far as with my you know what I mean, my body so
But that made me just go that much more harder because I had nothing but to sing raps and shit, just thinking about the comeback

I wasn't expecting to hear Conway's pen
So when I heard that, and finding out they were brothers and the story
I was like, nobody fucking with that shit right now

This eastside buffalo shit, eastside to the westside, that's what you gonna get from us