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Sweet beckoning starlight calling my name
A million voices resounding the same
For all of the answers, I'll leave this behind
To channel my insight with time
Pulled by endless potential unseen
When the horizon's call intervenes

And I'm not sure where the dark turned into the light
The closing abyss between us
Break from our heritage, to keep our alignment upright
Escape from our own avarice
Awakening in the twilight

The shadow of greatness held over my head
A legacy written of power and dread
Betrayed by a mentor of days long ago
Branded by temptation
The deep undertow
Into spaces unseen
When the horizon's call intervenes

We're connected by fate
With our true selves awake
Every step and the road gets longer
Institutions will fade
From the new world we've made
When our minds turn to gray, we're stronger

A touch from the outskirts
A new hope unknown
Our power set equal
No longer alone
Don't leave me to fight back
The conflicts inside
I need you to save me
From desperate pride