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Awaken, The Pulse of Existence

Another dreamless night,
unimaginative lethargy.
Mundane inertia.
How do we proceed?
Every breath i take is essential
yet, is wearing me down,
unaccompanied by any inspiration.

It's all sirens and static.
I should stay awake tonight
under the pale, soothing,
flickering candle lights.

Let their arrhythmical movement
fill my unloved eyes
with unearthly pleasures.

Under the divine lustful movement,
orchestrated by the vain visions
of asymmetry's architects,
the shadows form a feminine figure.
A sensual silhouette.
Before me now stands the dark mistress.

The one who led so many tragic poets to dementia.

But how this abstract figure
of all lost lovers,
this personification
of universal imbalance,
the cause of all melancholy and hatred,
seem so indifferent (to me)?

Woe to the vanquished, to myself i whisper,
to which she calmly responds: "woe to us dreamers".

Spreading her hands diagonally
in an act of a cosmic ritual.
Waving her hands up and down
in a spiral motion,
equitating the scales
left and right...