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Auguries Gone

Omnium Gatherum (FIN)
They say the good man has gone bad
And nothing’s god comes to those who wait
But they own our world and I’m not part of it
Are those devils gonna have their way
We’ve been stranger than the night
But force and furor helped us through
“Babe, you got real wolfen eyes
Would you come and take me down”
Down Down Down
Down like this
So now I’m sober and quiet like a thief
(Don’t need an augur to save the day)
Well, I’ve seen all Nietzsche’s blood dry
The things I hear are they what I want
We have no right to what’s left inside
Damn right we’ll get it back

“…like a falling rose the red wine bleeds lovelorn tears vanish in bereavement…
........shattered echoes of yesterday I heard them fade away like a….”
(In early 1997)

Wading across the tulip fields in an old park, In remembrance
And in solemn moments such as this I’ve…………..
“En ma enää aja virvatulta”

They say I got wasted, But my hands are clean
I got long hair and empty pockets, No money at all
But this wastrel’s got a free spirit and he’ll walk with you
My eyes may have suffered but they’re still full of X.X.X.X

It lives in my heart and always will
It lives in my heart and always, always will