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Lying on the soil.
I can't move.
My wounded body tied up.
A rope made of ashes.
to ashes, dust to dust.

A scene of darkness in front of my eyes.
A golden thread close to my skin.
A faint light like a black sun shows me the way.
Images of another world.

My drowning screams expressing my desire to wake up.
My feet sink into the mud and the load hurts.
Light swallows my mind.

I'm out of range only desolation.
I must face this shiny pain.
I need to take the reins.
Then, my eyes stare at the sun, I recover.

Enduring the pain is a blessing.
Rewrite the pages of my life to find the meaning.
The empty words are gone.
The feeling in my heart and what I see when I open my eyes.
Locked in an eternal dream.

Salvation seems to be closer
but the pain and hurt become deeper.
The anguish of knowing that one day you will wake.