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Arcane Legacy of Astral Numina

Mortuorial Eclipse
The stench of rotting flesh around the altar
praises the cult of a ravenous lord.
The art of shadows begotten
to feed eternal hunger.

Behold the fall of their golden throne.
The morbid doctrine unveiled.
Reborn in dark eerie grace
To evoke the prophesied ominous dawn.

Descend until the depths
where no one has ever returned.
Forgotten word of the restless demiurges.

The Arcane Legacy, a naked sorcière.
Ancestral Numina, The holly symbols bleed.
Blasphemers calling forth the Catharsis.

Death overcoming
Like dust cover their graves.
Forbidden wisdom revealed.

Weakened kingdoms
embrace fires of end.
They were betrayed by a false messiah.

Hopes doomed to the Moloch's flames.
The mirage is ravened by the abyss of reality.
A silent procession harrows inside.
Perpetual void crown the sentenced lambs.