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Angelic Extermination

Christ Dismembered
No longer shall we pay
For what we can't create
Hypocrites have ruled us down
Armageddon is coming
But its not on their side
A time of holy demise

We must turn
This filthy fucking world
Into a God free paradise
We are possesed by the one you call evil
But the one we call life

Screaming and praying
Their blood we'll be bathing
Genocidal greetings for those who are breathing
Mass graves are piling
Up with the corpses
of those who defile our masters plan

Arise sinners, This is our call
To save our life we must eradicate them all
Heavens what they told, but the truth remains to be seen
Christian law crumbles as their god begins to scream
Not a drop of holy blood shall spill upon our land
Hail Blasphemy! We follow the left hand
This is Satan's time, rise or fall
We call total death for all!!