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And Darkness Was Cast

Loathing Requiem
Charging my energies
My body and mind collide
Creating a massive storm within myself
That feeds on despair of the world's demise
The very soil beneath my feet collapse
In the presence of my design
As i emit chastising aura
I am no longer mortal
I am a god

This is the dawn of a new age
I convey obliteration for conspiratorial swine
No pity for ones whom will lie in the waves of the wake
I reconcile with the wrath and destruction
To purify every life that i take

Reflect on all the hate and all the pain
Contamination will engulf
At a despicable rate
Sever all ties with the human race

I shall cast darkness
Upon this land

I rise above to the highest cloud to bask in true glory
I cannot stand and watch the insects consume
I destroy
Destroy defiled life
...and darkness was cast