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Altars (of Avarice)

Beyond Grace

Band/Artist: Beyond Grace

Album: Seekers

We are the children of filth and corruption
A callous generation of killers and thieves
(We feed) upon the weak like vultures
Scavengers, and bottom feeders
Until we’ve picked the carcass down to the bone
Our covetous compulsions driven by dogma enthroned

And then we turn upon each other
Brother preying on his brother
Anything at all to feed our hunger
Until there’s nothing left but ashes in our mouths

Unrelenting appetites
Never truly satisfied

We are the sons of a decadent system
Rewarding our cruelty and petty ambition
(Devout) disciples of a ruthless creed
Praising ignorance and greed
That promises salvation only for the chosen few
But history is written by the victor, not the victim

So will this be our legacy?
A doctrine of divisive ideology
A gospel of hatred and rank hypocrisy
Our manifested destiny laid bare

By the sins of our fathers
Still we worship at their altars

Altars to our avarice, monuments to our excess

We asked that we could inherit the earth
Only to strip it of all that it’s worth

Babel towers, climbing higher, symbols of our stolen power

Altars to our avarice, monuments to our excess