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All U Have Is You


Band/Artist: DeathbyRomy

Album: Monsters

All you have is you, when the world turns blue
I'm wondering baby, can I lean on you?
All you have is you, when you lose a love
But baby I was wondering, can we stay above?
Stay up in the clouds, where we
Will be safe, if the whole world drown
Cause if we all sink, and we would all drown
But if we stay here, the clouds become are home
Baby come with me
So we're never on our own

I'm tired of the fear, I feel as I'm alone
I said no more
[?] said to myself
I got you, I hack my knife [?]
And I'm alone
Now I don't need you, if the whole world turns cold
I'd rather stay on my own as I grow old
I like you better when I'm alone