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Abdication Of Servitude

Unfathomable Ruination
Like drones we serve, since birth controlled
Our minds inscribed with a dreamless concept
Engrained since our arrival
Bursting from these boundaries I emerge, the one who dares to dream

"Who dares speak!?"
- I will disrupt your perfect design
"Initiate extermination"

Amongst boundless fields of mindless subjects, programmed to not resist
Millions of soulless vessels are to be harvested, selected and dissected

The machines tirelessly harvest
I stand in a desert of human dust,
Vaporized remains expelled into the atmosphere, I stand isolated

The machines tirelessly harvest
Gaze upon an empty landscape, the ruins of humanity
Flesh removed, organs extracted, the body is utilised

Nothing goes to waste as the bones are bleached
Monuments, now destroyed, the corpse of civilization
The result of expansion, there is nothing left to dissolve

Mindless subjects programmed to not resist,
Since birth our minds inscribed with a dreamless concept

- I will not be your subject!