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Abandoned Souls


Band/Artist: Stormzone

Album: Seven Sins

Waiting for your life to change
Always left to take the blame
End of dark and twisted ways
No more lonely nights to face

You looked but never seen
You live but never breathe
Still you won't believe
You'll find escape
Wounds may never heal
Dreams are all too real
Walls along you feel
You've reached the secret gate

Lost but not forsaken
In the shade of my domain
All the lives we've taken
Get the chance to live again
You'll be lost but not forgotten
As your destiny unfolds
In the circus of abandonment
We're all abandoned souls

Use your mind to seize control
Leave the lies that you've been told
All your enemies inside
They've etched their mark
Within your mind

The ever watching eyes
So blinded to your cries
Left alone to die, it's all too late
But now I bring you home
To save your dying soul
Time to break the chains
And reach the secret gate

You're yearning and yearning
There is no returning
I give you your chance of escape
You're learning and learning
Desire always burning
I'm here as you're reaching the gate
You're crawling and falling
From life so appalling
Your prison door swings open wide
Keep running and running
The end of the tunnel
Will guide you to eternal life