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A Song For Elisabeth When She is Dead

Infidel here is my ode to you
for a cycle of decay i hold you in contempt
order is in the court, let the sentencing begin
for all the waste, i shall have revenge
if you only knew...
i am. i sneak into your house
reeking of booze and vengeance
equipped with a friend and camera
i creep into your bedroom look over your bed
youll awake to a mouth filled with chlorform and cloth
your body jerks, your pain is my pleasure, oh wait the fun has just begun
i watch you squirm, plea for mercy ingnored
torture and humiliation, extravaganza
watching. you squirm smile for the camera (you bitch)
eyes white and glazed a masterpeice show, again and again send one tape each to lover, family and buyer
abduction ritual complete. so it is written so it is done
this is my song to you
hope you did enjoy the gift that keeps on giving. even if only for me
be gone with you. worthless human filth. lay in your grave.
now it is done. my film has been made. the end has yet to come
your pain lingers in my mind, but your suffering has only begun
your soul will feel torment
may flights of satan take you to your sleep (now it is cold)