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A Good-Bye


Band/Artist: Cameo

Album: Single Life

Ahhhhh, ahhhhhh...ahhhhhh.
Ahhhhh, ahhhhhh...ahhhhhh.
I don't know, if I'll see you again...another journey, about to begin.
You use the powers of your mind, to lead me from the dark side of your limits...
the intuition that I had, to tell the good things from the bad, was no good for me.
A goodbye, is just a bring you back to me.
...and I know, way down in my soul, that you'll come back to me.
I see you on the corner, in your blue faded jeans...talking to your friends, Bobby Joe n' Billy Jean.
Yeahhh, (yeahhh).
...and as I look into your eyes, there's that look that says goodbye.
Please don't hurt me.
...and as I get closer and closer, something tells me that it's over.
My mind says forget it, but my heart won't let me quit it.
...just a smile, will hold me awhile, please take advantage of me.
Whoa oh oh...oh.
All this time, you've stayed on my mind...(stayed on my mind, you've stayed on my mind).
A goodbye, is just bring you back to me. and me, used to be the best friends.
Neither one of us knew, it would be like this in the end.
Sometimes things turn around, get you down...and that's when you need the hand of a friend.
...and I know it's not your fashion, but please show a little compassion.
I'll never forget it, and you know we won't regret it. a sign, and I'll wait for all time.
You know it's perfect to me.
...words at night, and words make things right, please hon come back to me.
A goodbye, is just bring you back to me.
A goodbye, is just bring you back to me.