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A Darkmoon Gathering

Satan's Host
Satan’s seed spawns upon from our Elder ones.
Witches burn by the stake from Loves Inquisition.
Romancing, Entrancing sweet Demons from Hell.
Conjuration, Enchantment celestial thou spell.
Arise now formulate bring thou presence unto me.
Dedication, Emulation a sacrificial offering.
A Darkmoon Gathering, on the eve of August 11th. 1999.

Demons came alive under the hour of midnight.
All seals and infernal spirits came alive
Demonic force walk upon this earth called life.
Warlords and Witches...A Burning Telepathy.
Warlords and Witches...From Satan’s Prophecy.
All of these infernal spirits from this night
A Darkmoon Gathering. Come alive within
You have been called by conjuring.
We’re binding by beliefs that Incantate,
I’ll consummate to formulate.

Where vapors from the dead
Coil around the back side of this evil tree.
Encompassing consciousness
Through thou tunnels of Set.
Amidst my subconsciousness.
Out of Darkness where no mans’ been
The passageways of essence
Bind existence that grows.
This power from the Devil
Is a sacrament in time.

The four crowned princes now bind existence.
One with all in time we command all sins of the damned.
By midnight our blessings now become our evil offerings.

I’ll consummate quicksilver by incantations, a birth rite.
On thou wings of death where darkness now shall reign.
This burning anguish enflames a spectral summoning.
Lands of the living and the dead now entwine.
Collide as one in a universe that is for told.

Messengers who travel between worlds of our commute.
Their black and red spawned by blood uniting where you belong.

We’ll consummate our Magickal prophecy two thousand.