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56 Fury (Feat. Billy F Gibbons)

Crowell, Rodney

Band/Artist: Crowell, Rodney

Album: Texas

Spit curl down his forehead
Talking bout yes it's understood
It's not just some lame six-bang grease stain
Sitting underneath the hood
Tamping down a camel on a zippo with a grin
Maybe wider than a country mile
Corsicana cool hand taking us to school man
Burnin' up the road style

56 Fury
Built for comfort, built for speed
56 Fury
Long about every last thing you need
56 Fury

Hair stacked up and twisted like some beehive made in France
Seven double shots of spray net
Down for nothing left to chance
Yeah so here's what's real cries sweet Lucille
They're ain't no other boy I know
Who can even dare to hold a candle to that hot rod Romeo

56 Fury
High performance built for fun
56 Fury
Lord have mercy, watch her look at her run
56 Fury

Two door hard top coupe so sleek and sexy grown men moan
Jet white streak of lightning destination long since gone
Back off V8 Ford back off Chevrolet
Pontiac and Cadillac ain't even fit for hauling hay

56 Fury
Bound for glory seconds flat
56 Fury
Somebody tell me maybe what was that
56 Fury
Finest car on the road