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Wolfgang Press
Who shot him in the back - peacetime
Who took him by surprise - tippy toes
You cant bury that door 3 times
Hide my eyes 4 times
I'm gonna sink my teeth into KANSAS [x8]

I reach a higher plain
When I speak so slow and hardly breath
They're gonna run out of shapes
When they fetch my family
I I must confess I'm gonna see that man again
I'm gonna turn back the clock and set the foot in KANSAS
I'm gonna KANSAS [x8]

I'm gonna shoot him by the clock - peace [time]
I'm gonna shoot him in the legs - peace [time]
You're gonna bury that door - meantime
You're gonna pick him off the floor 3 times

I I I'm a man and I I I'm alive
I I must confess I'm gonna carry that man
I'm gonna shake him by the hand
I'm gonna sleep in foreign lands
I'm gonna turn back the clock
I'm gonna KANSAS in the spring
You know I'm gonna KANSAS [x8]