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Hell To Pay

We’re hitting hard,
The music’s flowing through me,
Don’t stop now, we got so far to go,
Let’s see you move,
Your soul is floating so free,
We can make it now, so let the dices roll,

If we don’t stop it now,
We don’t get a hold,
We’re gonna go under,
If we don’t take this chance,
We’ve got to take this chance,
‘Cos we aint getting another,
There’s gonna be Hell to pay.

Moving fast with Heavy Metal Thunder,
Strike a blow,
Make sure you aim it well,
We’ll keep on top, never going under,
So take your chance,
You’ll pay for it in Hell.


Pay the Devil with your soul,
Find yourself in another role.

If we don’t stop it now,
We’re gonna go……. under,
If we don’t take the chanced,
We’ll never get… another.

Hell to pay.