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Band/Artist: Birdflesh

Album: Mongo Musicale

Rutger and his friends were stealing diamonds worth a lot of cash
But Rutger was betrayed and shot by his so called friends
Rutger went to jail destined to fail
A lethal necklace locked around his neck
Wedlock - they are divided in couples
Wedlock - must find you partner so you can escape
Wedlock - but you don't know who your partner is
Wedlock - if you escape alone your neck will explode
Many prisoners died but Rutger survived
A beautiful girl was his partner so they escaped together
At the end of the year they got married a marriage based on drugs and rape
Sleepless nights because if the nightmares about the prison and being haunted
Wedlock - free to live your life in hell
Wedlock - then your wife gets on your nerves
Wedlock - kicker her ass and kill yourself
Goodbye - Rutger says thank you and fucking goodnight