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Mr. Big Head


Band/Artist: Birdflesh

Album: Mongo Musicale

It started as a normal headache
I took some pills and thought some rest would help
But my head kept aching and started to swell
My head is now so big that you can see me from outer space
My head is still growing
My head destroyed my house
I went to the hospital but I didn't fit
The doctors screamed and called me a freak
I started to cry and walked away
Then a helicopter crashed on my head
I am the new tourist attraction
Use the ladder to touch my head
You think I am a funny creature
I just wish that I was dead
This is not a normal headache
No medicine seems to help me
My head is still growing
I am above the clouds and through the ozone
In my hair you can find
Dead birds and lost airplanes
My feet on earth my head in space
The aliens like me but it's hard to breathe
A space ship just crashed on my head
Can someone give me a new head
Just give me head
I am the new alien attraction
They climb down my body to visit earth
On earth they get killed by the FBI
Can someone please help me die