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Infernal Overdrive

Baphomet's Blood
When Moon Shines High In The Sky
Thundering Legions Marching On The Way
Iron Blood, Blackhearted Blasphemy

Let's Go, Straight To The Top
Slay The Priest, Conquer The Church
Hellish Desire, Infernal Pleasure

Pounding Iron, Thrashing Attack
Metallic Sparks, Fast As A Shark
Obsessed By Evil, Crushing The Cross
Devilish Screams, Soldiers Of Death

All Right - Infernal Overdrive
Tonight - Infernal Overdrive
Beware - Infernal Overdrive
Attack - Infernal Overdrive

Die For The Lord, We Are Raising To The Call
Bestial Lust
Luciferian Hordes On The Way To March
Fuckin' Attack

Inverted Crosses, Desecrated Graves
Branded With Hate

Die In Pain, Hell Awaits You
The Utter Of Death