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Country  USA
  1. After The Burial
    Hardcore/Beatdown/Hardcore Punk, Melodic Death, Metalcore/Chaotic Hardcore
  2. After the Calm
    Alternative Rock, Post-Hardcore
  3. After The Fall (USA, NY)
    Hardcore/Beatdown/Hardcore Punk
  4. After The Fall (USA, Pittsburgh)
    Alternative/Nu Metal, Hard Rock
  5. After The Minor
    Metalcore/Chaotic Hardcore
  6. After The Snow
  7. After You
    Ambient, Post-Rock/Post-Metal
  8. Afterbirth (USA)
    Death Metal, Deathcore/Brutal Death, Technical Death
  9. Afterglow (USA)
    Progressive Metal
  10. Afterglow Radio
    Adult Oriented Rock (AOR)/Melodic Rock, Alternative Rock
  11. Afterhand
    Post-Rock/Post-Metal, Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  12. Afterhours (USA)
    Abstract, Downtempo
  13. Afterlife (USA, FL)
    Alternative/Nu Metal, Metalcore/Chaotic Hardcore, Rapcore
  14. Afterlife (USA, IN)
    Death Metal
  15. Afterlives
    Noise Rock/Noisecore, Post-Rock/Post-Metal
  16. Aftermath (USA)
    Progressive Metal, Technical Thrash
  17. Aftermath Of A Trainwreck
    Hardcore/Beatdown/Hardcore Punk, Metalcore/Chaotic Hardcore
  18. Aftermaths
    Ambient, Experimental
  19. Afternoon Gentlemen
  20. Afters
    Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative CCM
  21. Aftershock
  22. Aftershok
    Heavy Metal
  23. AfterTime
    Symphonic Metal
  24. Afu-Ra
    East Coast Rap, Gangsta/Thug Rap, Hip-Hop
  25. Agachiko
    Vocal Jazz
  26. Again
    Adult Oriented Rock (AOR)/Melodic Rock, Hard Rock
  27. Against All Authority
    Explicit content, Ska Revival, Ska-Punk/Skacore
  28. Against All Will
    Alternative Rock
  29. Against Me!
    Post-Hardcore, Punk Metal, Punk Revival
  30. Against Nature
    Doom Metal
  31. Against The Archaic
    Groove Metal, Metalcore/Chaotic Hardcore
  32. Against The Current
    Alternative Rock, Pop Punk
  33. Against The Grain
    Hard Rock
  34. Against the Natural
    Hard Rock
  35. Against The Plagues
    Death Metal, Melodic Black
  36. Against The Wall
    Alternative/Nu Metal, Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  37. Agallah
    East Coast Rap, Hip-Hop, Underground Rap
  38. Agalloch
    Ambient, Goth Doom/Dark Metal
  39. Agartha
    Goth Doom/Dark Metal
  40. Agarthus
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  41. Agbabian, Areni
    Free Jazz / Free Improvisation, Vocal Jazz
  42. Age of Darkness
    Black Metal/Post-Black, Death Metal
  43. Age Of End
    Alternative/Nu Metal, Groove Metal
  44. Age of Endarkenment
    Darkwave/Coldwave, Industrial
  45. Age Of Evil
    Heavy Metal, Thrash
  46. Age Of Fire
    Heavy Metal, Thrash
  47. Age Of Man
    Blues-Rock, Garage Rock Revival
  48. Age of Not Believing
  49. Age Of Ruin
    Death Metal, Doom Metal, Melodic Death
  50. Age Of Shadows
    Power Metal
  51. Agenda Of Swine
    Death Metal, Grindcore/Crust, Thrash
  52. Agent 13
    Alternative Rock, Lo-Fi, Pop Punk
  53. Agent Cooper (USA)
    Hard Rock, Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  54. Agent Jane
    Alternative Rock
  55. Agent Orange
    Skatepunk, Surf Rock
  56. Agent Ribbons
    Garage Rock Revival, Indie Rock
  57. Agent Steel
    Power Metal, Speed Metal
  58. Agent X
    Glam Rock, Hard Rock
  59. Agents Of Exile
    Hard Rock
  60. Agents Of Man
    Alternative/Nu Metal, Groove Metal
  61. Agents OF Satan
    Explicit content, Grindcore/Crust
  62. Ages (USA)
    Ambient, Psy-Trance
  63. Ages and Ages
    Alternative Rock, Indie Folk, Indie Pop
  64. Ages Apart
    Alternative Rock, Post-Grunge
  65. Agev Munsen
    Deep House, House
  66. Aggravator
  67. Aggressive Betty
    Heavy Metal
  68. Aggressive Persuasion
    Alternative Rock, Alternative/Nu Metal
  69. Aggressor (USA)
    Heavy Metal, Stoner Rock
  70. Aggrolites
    Reggae-Pop, Rocksteady, Ska, Soul
  71. Aghora
    Progressive Metal
  72. Aghori
    Melodic Death
  73. Agiel
    Death Metal, Grindcore/Crust
  74. Agitator
    Groove Metal
  75. Aglacia
  76. Agnostic Front
    Hardcore/Beatdown/Hardcore Punk
  77. Agon (USA)
    Black Metal/Post-Black, Doom Metal
  78. Agonal
    Death Metal, Goth Doom/Dark Metal
  79. Agonal Breathing
    Deathcore/Brutal Death
  80. Agony Of Defeat
    Alternative/Nu Metal, Rapcore
  81. Agony Of Time
    Hard Rock, Post-Grunge
  82. Agony Scene
    Metalcore/Chaotic Hardcore
  83. Agoraphobic Nosebleed
    Ambient, Breakcore, Deathcore/Brutal Death, Experimental, Explicit content, Gabber, Grindcore/Crust, Hardcore/Beatdown/Hardcore Punk, Noise, Powerviolence
  84. Agoron
    Deathcore/Brutal Death, Technical Death
  85. Agouti
    Indie Pop
  86. Agraceful
    Christian Rock, Emo, Groove Metal
  87. Agrath
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  88. Agriculture
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  89. Agrokulcher
    Alternative/Nu Metal, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
  90. Agwada, Vince
  91. Ahab (USA)
    Drum N Bass, Dubstep, Glitch
  92. Ahee
    Electro, Experimental
  93. Ahimsa Sunrise
    Metalcore/Chaotic Hardcore
  94. Ahleuchatistas
    Indie Rock, Post-Rock/Post-Metal
  95. Ahlzagailzehguh
  96. Ahmad Jamal
    Cool, Post Bop
  97. Ahmir
    R&B, Urban
  98. Ahriman (USA)
    Black Metal/Post-Black, Death Metal
  99. AHTCK
    Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
  100. Ahtme
    Technical Death
  101. Aiden
    Emo, Post-Hardcore, Punk Revival
  102. Aiken, Mike
  103. Aikia
    Death Metal, Groove Metal, Thrash
  104. Aiko, Jhene
    Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul
  105. Aimee Mann
    Indie Pop, Singer/Songwriter
  106. Aimon
    Darkwave/Coldwave, Downtempo, Experimental
  107. Ainsworth, Laura
    Classical, Vocal Jazz
  108. Air Away
    Alternative/Nu Metal
  109. Air Force
    Power Metal
  110. Air I Breathe
    Metalcore/Chaotic Hardcore
  111. Air Review
    Alternative Rock, Folk-Rock, Indie Folk, Indie Rock
  112. Air Traffic Controller
    Alternative Rock, Indie Rock
  113. Air Tycoon
    Ambient, Trip-Hop
  114. Air Waves
    Indie Rock
  115. Airborne Toxic Event
    Alternative Rock
  116. Airiel
    Indie Pop, Shoegaze
  117. Airmen Of Note
    Big Band, Jazz-Funk
  118. Airs
    Black Metal/Post-Black, Shoegaze
  119. Airships On The Waterv
    Instrumental/Acoustic Rock, Post-Rock/Post-Metal
  120. Aitis Band
    Experimental, Indie Rock
  121. Aittala
    Power Metal, Progressive Metal
  122. Aiua
    Ambient, Post-Rock/Post-Metal
  123. AJ Croce
    Blues-Rock, Singer/Songwriter
  124. AJ Guel
    Country Rock
  125. AJ Mitchell
  126. Aj Ponzio
    Alternative Rock
  127. Ajalon
    Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  128. Ajilvsga
    Abstract, Drone, Experimental
  129. AJJ
    Folk-Rock, Indie Rock
  130. Ajna
    Dark Ambient, Drone
  131. AJR
    Indie Pop, Pop Rock
  132. AK-47 (USA)
  133. Akai
    Indie Pop, New Wave
  134. Akai Solo
    East Coast Rap, Hip-Hop
  135. Akaitsuki
    Black Metal/Post-Black, Shoegaze
  136. Akasha (USA)
    Downtempo, Dubstep, Tech House, Trip-Hop
  137. Akasha (USA, CA)
  138. Akashah
    Black Metal/Post-Black, Thrash
  139. Akashic Crow's Nest
  140. Akatharsia
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  141. Akatharta
    Death Metal, Funeral Doom
  142. Akeldama
    Progressive Metal
  143. Akella Presents Blues Collection
    Acoustic Blues, Blues Revival, Blues-Rock, Chicago Blues, Classic Blues, Contemporary Blues, Country Blues, Electric Blues, Folk Blues, Memphis Blues, Modern Electric Blues, Slide Guitar Blues, Texas Blues
  144. Akem Manah (USA)
    Death Metal, Doom Metal
  145. Akhenaten
    Black Metal/Post-Black, Death Metal, Folk Metal
  146. Akhkharu
    Melodic Black
  147. Akhlys
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  148. Akimbo
    Alternative/Nu Metal, Punk Metal
  149. Akin
    Doom Metal
  150. Akir
    Gangsta/Thug Rap
  151. AKissForJersey
    Christian Rock, Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  152. Akloleh
    Black Metal/Post-Black, Death Metal
  153. Akon
    Contemporary R&B, Explicit content, Hip-Hop, Urban
  154. Akrasia
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  155. Akris
    Sludge Metal, Stoner Rock
  156. Akrobatik
    Alternative Rap, East Coast Rap, Hip-Hop
  157. Akron/Family
    Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, Lo-Fi, Post-Rock/Post-Metal, Psychedelic
  158. Aku
    Fusion, Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  159. Akuratyde
    Drum N Bass, Experimental Jungle, IDM (Intelligent Dance Music)
  160. Akyrviron
    Epic (Viking) Metal, Folk Metal, Power Metal, Symphonic Metal
  161. Al & The Black Cats
    Psychobilly, Punk
  162. Al B. Sure!
    Funk, R&B, Soul
  163. Al Basile
    Modern Electric Blues
  164. Al Caiola
    Chillout/Easy Listening, Cool
  165. Al Casey
    Bop, Swing
  166. Al Casey (CA, USA)
    Rock & Roll, Surf Rock
  167. Al Cohn
    Bop, Cool, Mainstream Jazz
  168. Al Di Meola
    Christmas, Fusion, Guitar Virtuoso/Shred, Jazz-Rock, Post Bop, World Fusion
  169. Al Foster
    Contemporary Jazz
  170. Al Green
    Pop-Soul, R&B, Smooth Soul, Soul
  171. Al Haig
    Bop, Classic Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Mainstream Jazz
  172. Al Hirt
    Dixieland, New Orleans Jazz
  173. Al Hudson
    Disco, Funk, Soul
  174. Al Jarreau
    Christmas, Contemporary Jazz, Crossover Jazz, Funk, R&B, Smooth Jazz, Soft Rock, Vocal Jazz
  175. Al Jolson
    Standards, Traditional Pop, Vocal Jazz, Vocal Pop
  176. Al Joseph
    Guitar Virtuoso/Shred, Progressive Metal
  177. Al Kapone
    Dirty South, Gangsta/Thug Rap, Underground Rap
  178. Al Kooper
    Blues-Rock, Electric Blues, Folk-Rock
  179. Al Miller Chicago Blues Band
    Contemporary Blues
  180. Al Qadiri, Fatima
    Dubstep, Grime, House
  181. Al Wilson
    Soul, Soul Jazz, Soul-Blues
  182. Al'Tarba
  183. Al.Divino
    Gangsta/Thug Rap, Hip-Hop
  184. Alabama
    Contemporary Country, Country
  185. Alabama Shakes
    Funk, Rock & Roll, Soul
  186. Alabama Thunderpussy
    Southern/Desert Rock, Stoner Rock
  187. Alabaster Morgue
    Death Metal
  188. Alain Caron
    Crossover Jazz, Post Bop
  189. Alaina Castillo
    Hip-Hop, Indie Pop
  190. Alameda (USA)
    Folk-Pop, Indie Pop
  191. Alan Ferber
    Contemporary Jazz, Modern Creative
  192. Alan Hewitt Project
    Contemporary Instrumental, Smooth Jazz
  193. Alan Hovhaness
  194. Alan Jackson
    Contemporary Country, New Traditionalist
  195. Alan Menken
  196. Alan Morphew
    Folk-Rock, Pop Rock
  197. Alan Sehorn Alliance
    Adult Oriented Rock (AOR)/Melodic Rock, Hard Rock
  198. Alan Silvestri
  199. Alan, Josh
    Acoustic Blues
  200. Alarcon
    Alternative/Nu Metal, Hard Rock