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Country  Thailand
  1. Abuse The Youth
    Alternative Pop/Rock
  2. Adulyadej, Bhumibol
  3. Alfons Frankenstein
    Abstract, Classical Crossover, Dark Ambient, Impressionist, Modern Composition, Noise
  4. Annalynn
    Groove Metal, Metalcore/Chaotic Hardcore
  5. Cheng, Enno
    Indie Pop, Mandopop/Mandarin popular music
  6. Deathguy
    Deathcore/Brutal Death
  7. Desktop Error
    Post-Rock/Experimental, Shoegaze
  8. Dezember
    Death Metal, Progressive Metal
  9. Ecchymosis
    Deathcore/Brutal Death
  10. G6PD
    Melodic Death, Metalcore/Chaotic Hardcore
  11. Heretic Angels
    Death Metal
  12. In Vice Versa
  13. Intricated (Thd)
    Deathcore/Brutal Death
  14. Invein
    Death Metal
  15. K-Otic
    Dance Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B
  16. Killing Fields
    Speed Metal, Thrash
  17. Lee, Seree
    Guitar Virtuoso/Shred, Instrumental/Acoustic Rock, Neo-Classical Metal
  18. Lerman
    Black Metal/Post-Black, Melodic Death
  19. Melodius Deite
    Power Metal, Progressive Metal
  20. Muay Thai
    Ethnic, Middle East
  21. No Penquins In Alaska
    Deathcore/Brutal Death
  22. Psychopathy
    Deathcore/Brutal Death
  23. Psychotrain
  24. Queen Omega
    Roots Reggae
  25. Saewataporn, Chamras
    Contemporary Instrumental, Neo-Classical, New Acoustic, New Romantic, Newage
  26. Shambles
    Death Metal
  27. Sixteenth Grace
  28. Smallpox Aroma
    Explicit content, Grindcore/Crust
  29. Sound Of Siam
    Ethnic Fusion, Fusion, World Fusion
  30. Surrender Of Divinity
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  31. Tata Young
    Adult Contemporary Pop/Rock, Dance Pop, R&B
  32. Wai Kru
    Ethnic, Middle East
  33. Zygoatsis
    Black Metal/Post-Black, Death Metal