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Country  Scotland
  1. Nimmo Brothers
  2. Notebooks
    Metalcore/Chaotic Hardcore
  3. Nutini, Paolo
    Blue-Eyed Soul, Pop-Rock
  4. O'Connor, Esther
    Alternative Pop/Rock
  5. Off Kilter
    Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Folk-Rock, Punk Revival
  6. Oi Polloi
    Oi!, Punk
  7. Oila Alio
    Downtempo, Progressive Trance, Trance
  8. Old Blind Dogs
    Celtic Folk, Scottish Folk
  9. On File
    Oi!, Punk Rock
  10. Orange Juice
    New Wave, Post-Punk, Sophisti-Pop
  11. Osborne, Steven
    Classical, Romantic
  12. Ossian (SCO)
    Folk-Rock, Scottish Folk
  13. Outburst (Gbr)
  14. Owens, Dean
    Americana, Country, Singer/Songwriter
  15. Paton, David
    Pop-Rock, Soft Rock
  16. Peatbog Faeries
    Alternative Folk, Contemporary Celtic, Experimental, Fusion
  17. Pellow, Marti
    Adult Contemporary Pop/Rock, Pop-Rock
  18. Pert, Morris
    Ambient, Classical Crossover, Jazz-Rock
  19. Phantom Band
    Alternative Pop/Rock, Indie Rock
  20. Phantom Riffage
    Hard Rock, Stoner Rock
  21. Pilljaw
    Experimental, Progressive Metal
  22. Prides
    Indie Pop, Synth Pop
  23. Primal Scream (SCO)
    Alternative Dance, Alternative Pop/Rock, Ambient Dub, Ambient House, Britpop, Club Dance, House, Indie Rock, Psychedelic
  24. Proclaimers
    Adult Alternative Pop/Rock
  25. Proteus (SCO)
    Hard Rock
  26. Rafferty, Gerry
    Folk-Rock, Pop-Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Soft Rock
  27. Red Pine Timber Co.
    Americana, Country
  28. Redbeard, Rick
    Indie Folk, Neo-Folk
  29. Reeves
    Progressive Trance, Trance
  30. Regorge (GBR)
    Deathcore/Brutal Death
  31. Remember Remember
    Post-Rock/Experimental, Prog-Rock/Art Rock, Psychedelic
  32. Revellers
  33. Roberts, Alasdair
    Contemporary Celtic, Indie Rock, New Traditionalist
  34. Roddy Hart & The Lonesome Fire
    Folk-Rock, Scottish Folk
  35. Roddy Woomble
    Celtic Rock, Folk-Rock, Indie Rock
  36. Rowland, Gilbert
  37. Royal Scottish National Orchestra
    Classical, Symphonic Orchestra
  38. Runrig
    Celtic Rock, Contemporary Folk, Folk-Rock
  39. Russell, David
    Classical, Classical Guitar
  40. Rustie
  41. Sacred Paws
    Indie Rock, Proto-Punk
  42. Sande, Emeli
    R&B, Soul
  43. Saor Patrol
    Celtic Folk, Folk-Rock
  44. Scottish Chamber Orchestra
  45. Scottish National Jazz Orchestra
    Bop, Contemporary Jazz, Jazz-Rock, Post Bop, Standards, Swing
  46. Seldom Few
    Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  47. Sensational Alex Harvey Band
    Album Rock, Arena Rock, Glam Metal, Glam Rock
  48. Seppuku (SCO)
    Doom Metal, Experimental, Noise
  49. Shakin' Pyramid
  50. Sharky Sharky
    Power Metal
  51. Sherry, Mark
  52. Shooglenifty
    Contemporary Celtic, Fusion, World Fusion
  53. Shores Of Attica
    Groove Metal
  54. Silicone Soul
    Deep House, House, Techno
  55. Silly Wizard
    Celtic Folk, Celtic Fusion, Contemporary Celtic, Scottish Folk
  56. Simple Minds
    Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Pop-Rock, Post-Punk
  57. Skeleton Gong
    Doom Metal, Experimental, Psychedelic
  58. Skeletonation
    Hard Rock
  59. Skelpit Lug
    Alternative Pop/Rock
  60. Skids
    New Wave, Post-Punk, Punk Rock
  61. Slam (SCO)
  62. Smith, Emily
    Celtic Folk, Christmas, Scottish Folk
  63. Smith, Tommy
    Bop, Contemporary Jazz, Post Bop
  64. Snow Patrol
    Alternative Pop/Rock, Indie Rock
  65. Snowblood
    Doom Metal, Sludge Metal
  66. Somerville, Jimmy
    Alternative Pop/Rock, Club Dance, Dance Pop
  67. Sons Of Slaughter
    Deathcore/Brutal Death
  68. Soom T
    Chiptunes, Dancehall
  69. Sparrowhawk Orkestrel
    Indie Rock, Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  70. Spectacular Primate Disaster
  71. Splintered Halo
    Alternative/Nu Metal, Avant-Prog
  72. Stafford, Adam
    Alternative Pop/Rock, Experimental
  73. Stewart, Andy M.
    Celtic Folk
  74. Strange Angels
    Black Metal/Post-Black, Post-Rock/Experimental
  75. Strawberry Whiplash
    Indie Pop
  76. String Driven Thing
    Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  77. Sucioperro
    Alternative Pop/Rock, Indie Rock
  78. Suzukis
    Alternative Pop/Rock, Garage Rock Revival, Indie Rock
  79. Symphony Of Gunfire
    Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Thrash
  80. Taiga Blues
    Post-Rock/Experimental, Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  81. Tanmayo
    Meditative, Newage, Relaxation
  82. Tannahill Weavers
    Celtic Folk, Scottish Folk
  83. Teenage Fanclub
    Alternative Pop/Rock, Indie Rock
  84. Telstar Ponies
    Indie Rock, Shoegaze
  85. Temperley, Joe
    Bop, Swing
  86. Texas
    Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Blue-Eyed Soul, Britpop
  87. Thomas Leer
    Ambient, New Wave, Synth Pop
  88. Torpedo
    Indie Rock
  89. Twilight Sad
    Alternative Pop/Rock, Indie Pop, Indie Rock
  90. Twin Atlantic
    Alternative Pop/Rock, Indie Rock, Power Pop
  91. Union Avenue
    Blues-Rock, Country Rock, Rock & Roll
  92. United Fruit
    Alternative Pop/Rock, Post-Punk
  93. Unwinding Hours
    Alternative Pop/Rock, Indie Rock
  94. Walker, Tom
    Folk-Pop, Indie Pop
  95. Wasylyk, Andrew
    Alternative Folk, Contemporary Folk
  96. Wet Wet Wet
    Adult Contemporary Pop/Rock, Pop-Rock, Pop-Soul, Urban
  97. What The Blood Revealed
    Experimental Rock, Post-Rock/Experimental
  98. Williamson, Astrid
    Adult Contemporary Pop/Rock, Singer/Songwriter
  99. Wilson, Siobhan
    Indie Rock
  100. Wired Desire
    Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
  101. Woes
    Indie Rock
  102. Wolfstone
    Celtic Folk, Contemporary Celtic, Folk-Rock
  103. Xtigma
    Progressive Trance, Trance
  104. Yorkston, James
    Alternative Folk, Alternative Pop/Rock, Contemporary Folk, Indie Folk, Indie Rock
  105. Young Fathers
    Alternative Rap