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Country  Canada
  1. Decoded Feedback
    EBM (Industrial Dance), Electro-Industrial/Dark Electro
  2. Decrepity
    Deathcore/Brutal Death, Grindcore/Crust
  3. Deep Dark Woods
    Country Rock, Folk-Rock, Indie Rock
  4. Deep Fried
    Hard Rock, Retro-Rock/Vintage Rock
  5. Deer, Beatrice
    Indie Pop, Indie Rock
  6. Default
  7. Defence Mechanism
    Electro-Industrial/Dark Electro
  8. Defend The Rhino
  9. Deformatory
    Technical Death
  10. Degrade (Can)
    Death Metal
  11. Dehumanized Deity
    Black Metal/Post-Black, Death Metal
  12. Deity (Can)
    Death Metal
  13. Del Barber
    Americana, Country, Roots Rock
  14. Delerium
    Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative Dance, Alternative Pop/Rock, Ambient Pop, Chillout/Easy Listening, Club Dance, Electronic/Electropop, Euro-Dance, House, Newage, Progressive Dance, Progressive Trance, Progressive/Tech House, Trance, Trip-Hop, World Fusion
  15. Deletere
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  16. Delica-m
    New Wave, Synth Pop
  17. Delo Truda
    Emo, Post-Hardcore
  18. DeMarco, Mac
    Indie Rock, Lo-Fi
  19. Demise Of The Crown
    Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
  20. Demonic Possessor
    Doom Metal, Sludge Metal
  21. Demontage
    Black Metal/Post-Black, Heavy Metal
  22. Depths Of Hatred
    Deathcore/Brutal Death
  23. Derelict
    Death Metal, Progressive Metal
  24. Derrickson, Kelly
    Country Pop
  25. Derwood
    Adult Oriented Rock (AOR)/Melodic Rock, Hard Rock, Retro-Rock/Vintage Rock
  26. Descendant (Can)
    Heavy Metal
  27. Desekratewhore
  28. DeSever
    Groove Metal, Thrash
  29. Desiree Dorion
    Americana, Country
  30. Desman, Shawn
    Hip-Hop, R&B
  31. Desospheres
    Melodic Death
  32. Desperate Union
    Alternative Pop/Rock
  33. Despised Icon
    Deathcore/Brutal Death
  34. Despite The Reverence
    Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
  35. Destined To Decay
    Death Metal
  36. Destroyalldreamers
    Indie Rock, Post-Rock/Experimental, Shoegaze
  37. Destroyer (CAN)
    Indie Rock
  38. Details
    Indie Rock
  39. Deterrence
    Death Metal, Metalcore/Chaotic Hardcore
  40. Detroit Diesel
    Electro-Industrial/Dark Electro, Techno
  41. Devarrow
    Alternative Folk, Indie Folk
  42. Devastator (CAN)
    Death Metal
  43. Deviant Process
    Death Metal
  44. Devil's Hotrod
    Psychobilly, Rockabilly
  45. Devilz By Definition
    Groove Metal, Thrash
  46. Di Auger
    Gothic Rock, Industrial Metal/Rock/NDH
  47. Di Prisco, Rom
    Dark Ambient, Progressive Trance, Trip-Hop
  48. Diablo Red
    Heavy Metal, Stoner Rock
  49. Diana
    Indie Pop, Indie Rock
  50. Diane Tell
    Singer/Songwriter, Traditional Pop, Vocal Pop
  51. Did You Die
    Grunge, Post-Punk, Shoegaze
  52. Die Mannequin
    Indie Rock
  53. Diemonds
    Glam Rock, Hard Rock
  54. Dieuponaday
    Metalcore/Chaotic Hardcore
  55. Digital Poodle
    EBM (Industrial Dance), Electro-Industrial/Dark Electro
  56. Dilemma Season
    Indie Pop, Indie Rock
  57. Dillon, Hugh
    Alternative Pop/Rock
  58. Dilly Dally
    Indie Rock, Punk-Pop
  59. Dimensions
    Melodic Death, Progressive Metal
  60. Dion, Celine
    Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Adult Contemporary Pop/Rock, Dance Pop, Pop-Rock, Vocal Pop
  61. Dion, Olivier
    Ballads, Chanson
  62. Dionysos (CAN)
    Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  63. Diouf, Elage
    Folk Blues, Folk-Pop
  64. Dirtbag Republic
    Glam Rock, Hard Rock
  65. Dirty Beaches
    Lo-Fi, No Wave, Noise, Psychedelic
  66. Dirty Nil
    Alternative Pop/Rock, Punk
  67. Dischord (Can)
  68. Disciples Of Power
    Death Metal, Speed Metal, Thrash
  69. Disembarkation
    Technical Death
  70. Disgust (Can)
    Deathcore/Brutal Death
  71. Disharmonik
    Death Metal, Thrash
  72. Dismata
    Technical Death
  73. Displacer
    Ambient Dub, Downtempo, IDM (Intelligent Dance Music), Noise
  74. Dissension
    Melodic Death, Thrash
  75. Dissentient
    Death Metal, Progressive Metal
  76. Dissolution (CAN)
    Death Metal
  77. Distant Society
    Alternative/Nu Metal
  78. Distoriam
    Folk Metal
  79. Distorted Memory
    EBM (Industrial Dance), Electro-Industrial/Dark Electro
  80. Divine Incorporated
    Heavy Metal, Progressive Metal
  81. Divine Realm
    Instrumental/Acoustic Rock, Progressive Metal
  82. Divine Syndrome
    Technical Death, Thrash
  83. Divinity
    Melodic Death, Technical Death
  84. Dizmas
    Alternative Pop/Rock, Post-Grunge
  85. Dizzygoth
    Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
  86. DJ Champion (CAN)
    Alternative Pop/Rock, Club Dance, Electric Blues, Neo-Psychedelia
  87. DJ Mario
    Electro-Techno, House
  88. Dj Plague
    Electronic/Electropop, Groove Metal
  89. Do Make Say Think
  90. Doane, Melanie
    Contemporary Folk, Folk-Rock, Pop-Rock, Singer/Songwriter
  91. Dobb, Cameron
  92. Doc Walker
  93. Doctor Rock And The Wild Bunch
    Adult Oriented Rock (AOR)/Melodic Rock, Hard Rock
  94. Document No. 5
    Gothic Rock
  95. Doiron, Julie
    Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Folk-Rock, Indie Folk, Indie Rock, Lo-Fi, Singer/Songwriter
  96. Doll (Can)
    Grunge, Punk Metal
  97. Dollanganger, Nicole
    Indie Pop, Lo-Fi
  98. Dome (CAN)
    Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
  99. Domenica
    Alternative Pop/Rock
  100. Domination (CAN)
    Death Metal
  101. Dook
    Alternative/Nu Metal, Groove Metal
  102. Doom Machine
    Doom Metal
  103. Doom's Day
    Heavy Metal
  104. Doomeastvan
    Death Metal, Experimental
  105. Doomsquad
    Alternative Pop/Rock
  106. Dopethrone
    Doom Metal, Sludge Metal
  107. Doran, Barbara Lynn
    Country, Country Rock
  108. Dorian Gray (Can)
    Funk Metal, Groove Metal
  109. Doubting Thomas (CAN)
    Experimental, Industrial
  110. Douglas, Bill
    Celtic New Age, Contemporary Instrumental, Ethnic Fusion, Newage
  111. Down And Loaded
    Adult Oriented Rock (AOR)/Melodic Rock, Hard Rock
  112. Down From Paris
    Alternative Pop/Rock
  113. Down With Webster
    Alternative Rap
  114. Downchild
    Blues-Rock, Electric Blues
  115. Downlink
  116. Download
    Alternative Pop/Rock, Experimental, Industrial, Techno
  117. Downtrodden
    Doom Metal, Sludge Metal
  118. Downway
  119. Doyle, Alan
    Contemporary Celtic, Folk-Rock
  120. Draaka Rouge
    Gothic Metal
  121. Draconith
    Doom Metal, Gothic Metal
  122. Dragonette
    Alternative Pop/Rock, New Wave, Synth Pop
  123. Drained
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  124. Drakarium
    Epic (Viking) Metal, Power Metal
  125. Drake
    Hip-Hop, Party Rap, R&B
  126. Draper, Terry
    Pop-Rock, Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  127. Dreadnaut
    Alternative/Nu Metal, Hardcore Punk
  128. Dreadnoughts (CAN)
    Rockabilly, Ska-Punk/Skacore
  129. Dream Warriors
    Alternative Rap, Reggae-jazz
  130. Dreamcatcher (CAN)
    Power Metal
  131. Dreamspell
    Experimental, Progressive Metal
  132. Dreyer, Jaida
    Country, Folk-Pop
  133. Driftglass
    Progressive Metal
  134. Driver, Ryan
    Indie Rock, Psychedelic
  135. Droid (CAN)
    Progressive Metal, Speed Metal, Thrash
  136. Drover, Glen
    Progressive Metal
  137. Druckfarben
    Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  138. Drudgery
  139. Druidus
    Black Metal/Post-Black, Death Metal
  140. Dry County
    Hard Rock, Southern/Desert Rock
  141. Drysdale, Rosalie
  142. Dth'rll
    Drone, Noise
  143. Dubeau, Angele
  144. Duchess Says
    Alternative Pop/Rock, Synth Pop
  145. Duffield, Victoria
    Dance Pop
  146. Dufour, Antoine
    Guitar Virtuoso/Shred, Instrumental/Acoustic Rock
  147. Duhks (CAN)
    Contemporary Bluegrass, Country, Folk-Rock, Progressive Bluegrass
  148. Duke Squad
    Power Pop, Punk-Pop
  149. Dunbar, Scott
  150. Dupre, Marc
  151. Durcraban
    Black Metal/Post-Black, Dark Ambient
  152. Durham County Poets
    Blues-Rock, Folk-Rock
  153. Durkee, Marc
    Prog-Rock/Art Rock, Progressive Metal
  154. Dusk, Matt
    Smooth Jazz
  155. Duskwalker
    Death Metal, Thrash
  156. Dust Rhinos
    Celtic Folk, Celtic Rock, Folk-Rock, Punk
  157. Dusted
    Ambient Breakbeat, Downbeat, Electro-Acoustic, Electronic/Electropop, Jungle/Drum 'N Bass
  158. Duval, Danielle
    Pop-Rock, Synth Pop
  159. DVBBS
    Progressive/Tech House
  160. Dvolv
    EBM (Industrial Dance), Electro-Industrial/Dark Electro, Industrial Metal/Rock/NDH
  161. Dvsn
    R&B, Soul
  162. Dyatlov Discovery
    Death Metal
  163. Dyed In Blue
    Adult Oriented Rock (AOR)/Melodic Rock, Arena Rock, Hard Rock
  164. Dying Effect
    Emo, Post-Hardcore
  165. Dying Process
    Death Metal, Groove Metal, Metalcore/Chaotic Hardcore
  166. Dyke, Cornel
  167. DYM
    EBM (Industrial Dance), Electro-Industrial/Dark Electro
  168. Dzeko & Torres
    House, Progressive/Tech House
  169. E.P. Bergen
    Euro-Dance, House
  170. East Of Sunday
    Alternative Pop/Rock
  171. East, Carolina
    Country Pop
  172. Easy Brothers
    Punk, Ska-Punk/Skacore
  173. Easy Sleezy
    Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
  174. Easy Way Out
    Alternative/Nu Metal, Rap Rock
  175. Eating Glass
    Hardcore Punk, Thrash
  176. Eccodek
    Afro, Afro-Beat
  177. Echo Undone
    Hard Rock
  178. Eclipse (Can)
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  179. Eclipse Eternal
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  180. Eclipse Prophecy
    Power Metal, Progressive Metal
  181. Eclipser
    Black Metal/Post-Black
  182. Econoline Crush
    Alternative Pop/Rock, Post-Grunge
  183. Ed Bernard
    Instrumental/Acoustic Rock, Neo-Classical Metal, Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  184. Ed Bickert
    Cool, Mainstream Jazz, Post Bop
  185. Edel, Mike
    Indie Pop
  186. Edge Of Attack
    Power Metal
  187. Edwards, Kathleen
    Country, Downtempo, Folk-Rock, Pop-Rock
  188. Eel, Joel
    EBM (Industrial Dance), Techno
  189. EFRO
    Death Metal, Grindcore/Crust
  190. Egg (Can)
    Club Dance
  191. Ego Depths
    Deathcore/Brutal Death, Funeral Doom
  192. Ehrhardt, Jane
  193. Eidolon
    Power Metal, Thrash
  194. Ekoplex
    Downtempo, Trance
  195. Elaquent
    Electronic/Electropop, Hip-Hop
  196. Eldebrock
    Alternative Pop/Rock, Hard Rock
  197. Elderoth
    Power Metal, Symphonic Metal
  198. Eleanor Rising
    Hard Rock
  199. Electric Magma
    Doom Metal, Stoner Rock
  200. Electric Youth
    Disco, Downtempo, Italian Pop, Synth Pop