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Bonfa, Luiz

Bonfa, Luiz
Bonfa, Luiz (Luiz Floriano Bonfa)
Discography  (total 12 Albums )
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The Magic Bonfa-Bonfa, Luiz (Luiz Floriano Bonfa) 1991 The Magic Bonfa 16 00:58:02 320 133.26 Mb 2.75€
Non-Stop To Brazil-Bonfa, Luiz (Luiz Floriano Bonfa) 1989 Non-Stop To Brazil 15 00:45:28 320 104.5 Mb 2.47€
The New Face Of Bonfa-Bonfa, Luiz (Luiz Floriano Bonfa) 1970 The New Face Of Bonfa 11 00:33:06
The Brazilian Scene (Lp)-Bonfa, Luiz (Luiz Floriano Bonfa) 1965 The Brazilian Scene (Lp) 12 00:32:00
Maria Toledo & Luiz Bonfa - Braziliana (Lp)-Bonfa, Luiz (Luiz Floriano Bonfa) 1965 Maria Toledo & Luiz Bonfa - Braziliana (Lp)
[Tribute by Toledo, Maria ]
14 00:35:09
Le Roi De La Bossa Nova (Lp)-Bonfa, Luiz (Luiz Floriano Bonfa) 1963 Le Roi De La Bossa Nova (Lp) 16 00:38:02 320 87.49 Mb 2.52€
Recado Novo (Lp)-Bonfa, Luiz (Luiz Floriano Bonfa) 1963 Recado Novo (Lp) 12 00:29:34
Composer Of Black Orpheus Plays And Sings Bossa Nova-Bonfa, Luiz (Luiz Floriano Bonfa) 1962 Composer Of Black Orpheus Plays And Sings Bossa Nova 13 00:35:40
O Violao E O Samba (Lp)-Bonfa, Luiz (Luiz Floriano Bonfa) 1962 O Violao E O Samba (Lp) 12 00:28:00
Meu Querido Violao (Lp)-Bonfa, Luiz (Luiz Floriano Bonfa) 1959 Meu Querido Violao (Lp) 12 00:25:11
Black Orpheus / Orfeu Negro (Split)-Bonfa, Luiz (Luiz Floriano Bonfa) 1959 Black Orpheus / Orfeu Negro (Split)
[Split with Soundtrack - Movies ]
14 00:53:33
Brazilian Guitar (Lp)-Bonfa, Luiz (Luiz Floriano Bonfa) 1958 Brazilian Guitar (Lp) 12 00:29:27
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